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When Salt Restaurant and Wine Bar opened its doors back in 2012, owner Rica Girardi sought to create a restaurant in her bucolic hometown of Pinetop, Arizona, where she and her family would eat when visiting from out of town. Now in its fifth year, her family, and a following of ever loyal customers, still fervently imbibe at Salt whenever they can.

At Salt Restaurant & Wine Bar, there are signature dishes regulars would riot in the streets were they ever to be removed from the menu (Filet with Mushroom Farro Risotto or Chicken and Herb Waffles with a spicy Thai syrup) but beyond that, the characters in this play are subject to change in order to keep freshness at the fore.

Salt Restaurant & Wine Bar

Rustic-chic spot with select American seafood and steak dishes, plus wine flights and top-shelf spirits.

476 W White Mountain Blvd, Lakeside, AZ 85929

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A Celebration or Just Cocktails on the Patio

We humans need more than food, and to that end Salt Restaurant & Wine Bar has the necessary antidote—and this is where the latter half of the name comes into play. Salt has a wine bar that, in addition to the fare, takes a backseat to no other restaurant in Arizona’s White Mountains. The wine list, like all things at Salt, is subject to revision as Ms. Girardi constantly trolls for unique and exciting libations.

A Menu Based on Freshness

Always Something You'll Enjoy

Is it the ever-evolving menu that keeps everyone’s interest at such a lofty level? That surely is one aspect of a Salt Restaurant & Wine Bar dining experience that endears itself to all comers: the menu is constantly in flux based upon seasonal availability as freshness is the benchmark setting Salt Pinetop apart from the pack. Freshness not only applies to the quality of ingredients but to the overall approach and creation of the menu.

There will likely always be a burger on the menu at Salt, but will it feature a fried egg? Prosciutto? Fresh mango? Whatever the case, it is Salt’s attention to detail (even the catsup is homemade) and steadfast commitment to keep foodies and family coming back to see the latest culinary wonder on tables of Pinetop’s most unique and memorable eatery. Salt’s menu is moderate in size and scope yet manages to appeal to the broadest range of palates—whether it’s providing light summer fare such as the Roasted Pear and Greens salad (replete with granola clusters that are, you guessed it, homemade), or the savorier Australian Lamb with Tzatziki Sauce.

Easily the most challenging event for Salt diners is deciding what to eat, particularly for first-time diners, as the wow factor of each dish (this even pertains to the side dishes: do you go with epic sautéed Brussel sprouts or the homemade tater tots?) will leave you feeling pulled in opposing directions.

Then there’s still the matter of dessert. The homemade/freshness thread running through everything prior forges on: all desserts are made by Ms. Girardi—a dessert production never-ending and testimonial to how each dessert finds our diners’ sweet spots time and time again.

Salt Restaurant & Wine Bar

Salt Restaurant & Wine Bar

476 W White Mountain Blvd, Lakeside, AZ 85929
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